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February 04th, 2017

Recently some users started talking on public boards, that our site not paying anymore.

Just for confirm. WE STILL PAY. Every week a lot of our partners can confirm that.

Why this users complains? Probably they sent to us some kind of fake (or torrent) traffic, and we refuse to pay for that.

Best Regards,

January 29th, 2017

We finally made all payments.

Sorry for delay!


January 28th, 2017

Dear partners,

unfortunately in this week payments have some delay (exchanger is not available). We will try pay you as soon as possible.

Sorry for delay.

Best Regards,

Important announcement !!! 

We analyzed our traffic and we decided that since 5 August torrent and social media traffic wont be allowed anymore.

What its means for uploaders? People who use torrent or social media sites to bring traffic need to find another imagehost.

What with your images and money? Images still will be available and revenue generated will be of course paid.

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